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How I Got my Mammut Powers!

Six weeks ago, I heard that North of Copenhagen there would be a 100km march over 24 hours. Without thinking twice, I signed up. I knew I would have only four weeks to train. I knew it would be difficult but I was so curious about how my mind would tackle such a...

2 for 1 – The Power of Altruism

During these last months, our existence has been challenged in many ways. We felt isolated and alone, we felt frustrated, we surrendered, we’ve been through the rollercoaster of life. In the same time, it was beautiful to see how, against the social distancing, people...

Presence and Self-compassion – Webinar for Coaches

“Stand still like a mountain, flow like a river.” – Lao Tzu As coronavirus claims more and more space in our lives, both personally and professionally, at local and global level, most of us feel afraid, anxious, helpless. Fear is biologically narrowing our field of...

Building your Resilience Muscle

“Stand still like a mountain, flow like a river.” – Lao Tzu Most of us had quite good lives during the last years, without extreme global challenges. We are grateful for this privilege, and at the same time we must admit that due to a life without major challenges,...

Cultivating Mental Balance – Online Live [Fall 2019]

Sustained Focus | Excellent Skills | Meaningful Motivation | Emotional Intelligence The Cultivating Mental Balance (CMB) Program is a one-year long program where science, mindfulness practice and coaching are combined to support the participants to develop their...

CM CAMP | Carmen Manea | Coaching & Mindfulness CAMP

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