Stand still like a mountain, flow like a river.” – Lao Tzu
As coronavirus claims more and more space in our lives, both personally and professionally, at local and global level, most of us feel afraid, anxious, helpless. Fear is biologically narrowing our field of vision, and it makes it harder to see the whole picture of our lives.
We support our clients to get through these challenging times, to work with their fears and open up. But who is supporting us? How do we recharge? How do we stay in balance? We need to remember that we are also human beings with fears and worries, with families and responsibilities. And as giving and purpose driven professionals, we are more prone to burn out than other professions.
Unfortunately, we are only at the beginning of this crisis. We will see in a few weeks and months the impact on our economies, societies and even more on our mental health. Working from home, avoiding meeting many people, being isolated to a large extent are necessary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus but these measures come with a high impact on everyone’s physical and mental health.
I would like to invite you to join me for a free weekly 30-minutes webinar for the next 4 weeks to do mental training so we can build up the presence and self-compassion muscle, which is vital for coping with challenges while serving our clients.
You will learn
  • How to keep calm and present in moments of crisis;
  • How to keep your emotions in balance;
  • How to train your mind for resilience;
  • How to be compassionate and self-compassionate.
  • Wed, Mar 25, 3.30pm CET
  • Wed, Apr 1, 3.30pm CET
  • Wed, Apr 8, 3.30pm CET
  • Wed, Apr 15, 3.30pm CET
There are 100 available spots for each time. Please sign up below.
[Registration Closed]
CM CAMP | Carmen Manea | Coaching & Mindfulness CAMP

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