ALIVE – Finding Purpose and Meaning (Group Coaching for Women without Children)

6-8 months online Group Coaching empowering women without children to redefine their identity and regain their self-confidence and joy of living
Not having children can be a heartbreaking situation to be in. I’m sure many of us felt this way. Did you also feel sometimes ashamed, fearful, hopeless, not understood, judged, maybe even discriminated because of you not having children? Did you ever feel that something is wrong with you? That is difficult to find your meaning in this life? If your answer is yes to at least one of these questions, please know you are not alone. All women without children feel in this way at certain moments in their lives.
Who is it for?
The online group coaching is for you, who have answered yes to at least one of the questions above and want to change this narrative, want to feel strong and happy again, get clarity on your purpose and identity, stand up for yourself and have a strong sense of belonging.
This group coaching is for you who is curious to get to know yourself better, courageous to be vulnerable and connect with yourself and others, open to new possibilities, determined to make peace with the pain and find your own way to make an impact on our society.
The ALIVE group coaching is for you who doesn’t want to be a victim, but who wants to thrive and flourish.
Practical info
Transformation takes time and this is why it is important to commit for at least medium term program of 6-8 months, to allow yourself to make sustainable change.
The next program starts on 8 September 2020. The program takes place online and includes 16 sessions x 90 minutes.
The program is organized in collaboration with Videnscentret Fertility Care in Copenhagen. For registration and further information, please follow this link.

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