This week, I had the privilege to attend a masterclass led by Jon Kabat-Zinn – ‘Mindfulness-Based Interventions from the Inside: A Day-Long Laboratory of Practice, Inquiry, and Fine-Tuning’ at Imperial College London, together with other 300 mindfulness teachers. It would take me pages to describe the event, the joy of being there, the participants’ energy, Jon’s humbleness, the teaching, the gratitude, the feelings, all experiences, the learning. I was deeply inspired and reminded about my intention and life purpose. As a form of gratitude, love and professionalism, I would like to share with you my intention and commitment as a mindfulness teacher, coach and human being. I commit to:
  • Take myself not so seriously, and yet be my best self in every moment
  • Be aware that mindfulness equals heartfulness
  • Know that all human beings are whole, complete, perfect with all the imperfections, and trust that we all know what we need
  • Embody love, kindness and compassion
  • Pay attention to my breath and not take it for granted
  • Put out the “Welcome” mat and be aware that everything that happens is the curriculum, it’s not an accident, and mindfully learn how to be in relationship with everything that arises
  • Be aware that everyone and everything is my teacher
  • Work on my own edges
  • Look at the life journey as a celebration and not as striving
  • Be the knowing and the unknowing
  • Remember to stay humble
  • Walk the talk
  • Practice formally and informally every day
  • Sit on the cushion every day, even when it’s uncomfortable
  • Always do at least as much as I require from the participants
  • Fall awake every moment
  • Live a life of integrity – be myself!
As I am human, I’m sure sometimes I’ll fail. I would be grateful if you let me know, in a kind way, when this happens – so I know I need to train my awareness even more. And if you got inspired as well, or something has been moved within you, maybe you would like to write your intention and commitment? You don’t need to share it, unless you feel like, but just imagine the impact it will have on you and your live! Warmly, Carmen
CM CAMP | Carmen Manea | Coaching & Mindfulness CAMP

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